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What I love about tiramisu is that everyone makes it differently. While it is based on a few key ingredients – savoiardi biscuits, mascarpone, coffee – these ingredients are added in varying proportions, with other ingredients, and with other flavours. Some use cocoa while others use grated chocolate, or even chocolate sauce. Sometimes there is Marsala wine, sometimes Kahlua or Baileys, sometimes no alcohol. Different ratios of cream and mascarpone are used. Eggs may be cooked or raw or not used at all. Savoiardi might be replaced by fresh sponge cake. Fruit can be added – berries or lemon. Some people even prefer not to add coffee to their tiramisu.

Every tiramisu I have eaten is unique, with different flavours and textures. This inspired me to start this blog – to start an official search for tiramisu perfection, and along the way get to sample an awful lot of tiramisu. And also share lots of other things I encounter along the way, like good restaurants, travel experiences, art, music, recipes, shopping and friendships. Nice things.

Please feel free to share this blog, make comments, like or dislike, link, use the recipes, and enjoy.


  1. Hi!

    I'm about to make a tiramisu based on your classic recipe. But what I'm curious about is why don't you make the lady fingers yourself? Wouldn't that make the tiramisu better?


    1. Hello Hakon,
      Thanks for your comment! It is a good question. The main reason I guess is that I am lazy, and ready-made lady fingers are easier than making a sponge cake. Also, I think most recipes from Italy use ready-made lady fingers, I think the lightness of the dry biscuits gives quite a different result to what I imagine homemade sponge fingers would. I have thought about making my own as an experiment, I should really do this. It may well turn out better!
      Let me know if you end up making your own fingers, and how it turns out. Hope you enjoy the tiramisu!

    2. Okay, thanks. And yes, I'll let you know. Also, I'm a little lazy myself. I'm getting my girlfriends friend to make them :)

    3. It was a great success. The home made lady fingers was very nice, made with vanilla pods. But I don't know if you can taste the difference in the end. I didn't heat the egg yokes, so the cream wasn't quite thick enough. But the recipe (classic) was very nice and the result was the best tiramsu I've ever had - thanks!


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