Sunday, 1 December 2013

Tiramisu, Pizza East & Mini Apple Crumbles

Last Saturday I made tiramisu, which I haven't done in a long time (over a year!). I had forgotten what
a fun and easy dessert it is to make. Now I have electric egg beaters (moving up in the world) it is even easier; much less arm-work. I always marvel at how strong our grandmother's arms must have been from all that baking without our modern kitchen gadgets. I embellished the traditional recipe a little by adding an extra dusting of cocoa powder between layers, and also using amaretto instead of brandy. I let the tiramisu rest overnight, and served at a friend's place for Sunday lunch pudding, following the best chicken roast ever made (which I didn't make, by the way - this was a friend who has the gift of chicken roast, among others). I do think there is much room for improvement in my tiramisu however, especially after the tiramisu I tried the following evening.