Monday, 18 June 2012

Lunching Londoner #1

It came to my attention this dreary Monday morning that I have a mere 3.5 weeks left at my job, located near St Pauls in London City. And yet, I still have so many lunch experiences to try.

I am, if you have not figured out by now, a foodie, which means I will travel far and wide to find incredible things to eat for my lunch. All totally justifiable, even on a budget, because it's usually £5 or under. There is amazing lunch food to be had in London if you are willing to venture outside your local Pret a Manger. As long as you have access to a tube, a bus, or a train, you can easily whip out to different places in the City and be back at your desk before your boss has even noticed you're gone.

I am also aware that I have been a little absent from this blog of late. So, I thought I would start a little project to get a few more posts on here; to chronicle my daily lunch in London. I promise it won't be egg and cheese sandwiches every day.

Lunching Londoner #1
I happened to mention to my food partner-in-crime and lunch buddy, of my love for cannoli (which you may have read about on my trips to Sicily and Rome). Lunch buddy claimed he knew exactly where to take me for cannoli. And how could I possibly say no? So, we hopped on the Central line to Tottenham Court Rd, and trotted our way through Soho.

First stop, because I was always taught that you have to have savoury before sweet, was The Kati Roll Company. This small chain was started in New York, though they did of course pinch their idea from Kolkata street food. Their only London store is on Poland St in Soho, and serves up only Kati rolls day and night.

We ordered two Unda Chicken Rolls, for a total of £7.80. Warm chapati, lined with fried egg, and filled with chicken tikka, red onion and pudina (chilli and mint sauce). This was amazing, and would also be perfect hangover prevention (apparently they are open until midnight on weekends - just before the last tube).

Unda Chicken Kati Rolls

A couple of blocks away is Princi on Wardour Street. My eyes lit up at the sight of trays and trays of divine looking Italian pastries and sweets:

Princi Italian sweets

I couldn't turn back now, even though a cannoli was £4.20. So we ordered a cannoli and a cannoncini (£1.10, much more reasonable), which we ate whilst racing down the street back to the tube station, icing sugar trailing all over the pavement.

Cannoli and Cannoncini

Only a little late back to work, and as my lunch buddy said; we did go to India and Italy in our lunch break, so really we did quite well.


  1. The problem with your blogs is that they always make me really really hungry! Welcome back, I've missed your inspirational food tours : )

    1. Well I'm afraid you'll have to come visit if you want to try any of these things!


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