Sunday, 5 February 2012


London had it's first snow of the winter last night. We stayed up late watching the snow fall, and ventured out around midnight for a walk in the powder. I'm glad we did; London is really too warm for snow and by the time we awoke this morning, the snow was mostly a dirty, slushy mess.

The snow at night though was beautiful, with the city lights reflecting from the white snow to create an eery glow over the city.

Today, while the snow melted outside, it felt like a good day for making cookies. I based this recipe on a classic American cookie recipe that I often used. I have added some spice to this recipe, which I love for its winter warmness, but which my boyfriend didn't like at all, preferring his cookies basic. If you also prefer a more basic cookie, leave out the spice and add half a teaspoon vanilla essence instead.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Paris vs Berlin

I have friends in all the right places; namely, Paris and Berlin, where I can escape for weekends and indulge in late nights, food and wine. The past two weekends I spent in Paris, and then Berlin.

Paris I have been to many times, and written about. Paris was drizzly and mild, and we spent a long day, three of us, wandering the streets, sneaking into the Notre Dame, and window shopping, until we found ourselves on the Île Saint-Louis, and nipped into a crêperie. Crêpe en l’Isle, on Rue des Deux Ponts, is tiny, quaint, warm and cheap. I had Crêpe la Strasbourgeoise; crisp thin crêpe filled with egg, sausage, cheese, tomato and potato, €7.50. This was perfect - while I politely avoided the spongy pale pink sausage, the warm and wintery combination of everything else was fabulous in a filling-but-cheap way. Washed down with a pitcher of traditional dry cider.